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Lisette Garcia will be showing a powerful short film on a message to future generations.    Lisette Garcia is a social entrepreneur that has helped organizations in various industries in their operations, marketing, business development, management, public relations, and financial success for over fifteen years. Such industries include non-profits, media, publishing, entertainment, transportation and event[…]

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Recycling Energy Forum Welcomes Natural Product Company Colita de Rana!

Recycling Energy Forum is excited to welcome local natural product company Colita de Rana! This local sustainable manufacturer provides natural Aloe Gel Products ideal to repel mosquitos with Eucalyptus and for after sun to soothe the skin with Vitamins A, D & E. They are natural, eco friendly, sustainable, and recyclable. About Culito de Rana/Colita de Rana[…]

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Michelle Salas FIU


Michelle Salas will be discussing the importance of wildlife conservation and its’ interconnection with sustainability in Wildlife Conservation and Anti-poaching Efforts in Africa. She will also point out serious threats some species in Africa are facing due to poaching and human population growth. Aside from just pointing out the problems, Michelle will talk about anti-poaching[…]

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Miami’s First Maker Incubator EcoTech Visions Joins Recycling Energy Forum

Recycling Energy Forum is happy to welcome EcoTech Visions as a Nonprofit Exhibitor to the Expo & Education event this Friday, April 24th. EcoTech Visions promotion of and guidance to green manufacturers makes it an innovative organization in Miami. They support our theme of providing sustainable solutions for a cleaner and healthier Miami and world.[…]

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Meaningful Measurement of FIU’s Sustainability Programs by Alexandra Dutton

Come hear Alexandra “Ali” Dutton, Assistant Director for FIU’s Office of University Sustainability speak on “Meaningful Measurement of FIU’s Sustainability Programs’ at the Recycling Energy Forum on Friday. The phrase “If you can’t measure it, you can’t management it” is on constant repeat in the sustainability conference world. Heading  an administrative office that reports to the[…]

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EarthWare Brings Sustainable Manufacturing to Recycling Energy Forum

Recycling Energy Forum is excited to welcome EarthWare as an Exhibitor this Friday at the Expo & Education event! EarthWare is a sustainable manufacturer that cares about cradle to cradle production. They are an inspiration to manufacturers in Miami and around the world. Please stop by and learn more about their innovative designs and products.[…]

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Citizens’ Climate Lobby will Participate in the Recycling Energy Forum

Recycling Energy Forum is very happy to welcome Citizens’ Climate Lobby at this Friday’s Expo & Education event! Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a great nonprofit activist group who will be talking about climate change and their plan to stop it. Please visit their table to learn more about the issues with climate change, their organization,[…]

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Floridians for Solar Choice FSC Logo

Floridians for Solar Choice

We are very happy to welcome Floridians for Solar Choice to the Expo & Education event this Friday, April 24, 2015. They bring their activism message to sustainable solutions in solar for a clean and healthy Florida. Stop by their table at the event and learn their agenda and how you can support.  About Floridians[…]

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Kangen Waters of Health Miami Brings Clean & Healthy Water to Recycling Energy Forum

Recycling Energy Forum is excited to have Kangen Waters of Health Miami join us this Friday, April 24th at the Expo & Education event. Their technology filters tap water and makes the water alkaline or acidic for the right balance. With clean water becoming a scarce resource in our world, come learn about this great innovation[…]

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Deering Estate at Cutler Supports the Recycling Energy Forum

Recycling Energy Forum is very happy to announce that Deering Estate at Cutler has joined us and will exhibit at the upcoming Expo & Education event on Friday, April 24th. They are a local leader in nature conservancy and historic preservation for Miami and an inspiration to us all. The work that Deering Estate at[…]

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