Miami’s First Maker Incubator EcoTech Visions Joins Recycling Energy Forum

Recycling Energy Forum is happy to welcome EcoTech Visions as a Nonprofit Exhibitor to the Expo & Education event this Friday, April 24th. EcoTech Visions promotion of and guidance to green manufacturers makes it an innovative organization in Miami. They support our theme of providing sustainable solutions for a cleaner and healthier Miami and world.
About EcoTech Visions
EcoTech Visions is Miami’s first Maker Incubator.  EcoTech creates and offers innovative programs and services that simultaneously tackle climate change, systemic poverty and ultimately further economic development in the regions that it serves.  Leveraging the growing market and funding for green products, Tech, and manufacturing processes, as well as the growing pot of resources designed to address income inequality, EcoTech Visions’ programs develop and support local green businesses and green jobs.  
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