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As the Senior Sustainability Educator at Everblue and a long-time ambassador of the USGBC South Florida, Greg is a featured lecturer at universities and with professional groups on topics at the nexus of business, society and our environment. Greg aptly utilizes his skills and extensive knowledge in his training classes and lectures to effect societal change through edutainment, a mode of communication incorporating video, photography and storytelling. He empowers leaders to make informed decisions that integrate triple-bottom-line (people/planet/profit) thinking.  These better-informed decisions benefit us all. 
Having trained thousands of South Florida’s business and municipal leaders in the principles of sustainability and green building, Greg has become a fixture in South Florida’s sustainability space, earning the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s 2011 “Green Visionary” Award. 
Greg’s vision of sustainability was shaped by a number of factors. Born and raised in Miami, he witnessed the beginnings of the modern environmental movement and was keenly aware of the changes afoot in nature and society. His mother was a member of D.O.E. – Defenders Of the Everglades, a group dedicated to addressing flooding that was killing Everglades deer.  Greg’s worldview was further shaped by living in South India. Life as an expat focused his lens on various cultures’ relationships with, and concern (or disregard) for the environment.  A highly respected and dynamic speaker, Greg’s engaging demeanor and infectious enthusiasm inspires his students and audience members to become change makers and evangelists for the environment.
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