Lady Green Recycling Sponsors the Recycling Energy Forum

Recycling Energy Forum is proud to be working with our new sponsor Lady Green Recycling for the Expo & Education event on April 24th. Lady Green Recycling will be bringing their expertise and services in recycling and solid waste solutions. Ask about her free recycling programs for your business or organization.
Lady Green Miami Recycling (LGR) is a grassroots waste management and recycling company founded in 2010 with a mission to serve our communities by reducing and reusing waste as well as giving back through educational and incentive programs. Their mission is to provide sustainable waste management services and boost companies’ bottom line through holistic practices in the workplace and in our homes. LGR recognizes the rising challenges and demands that our generation, and future ones, are beginning to face. Natural resource depletion, is of specific interest because natural resources provide all of the world’s products and services. 
LGR creates sustainable living for their clients without compromising business needs and personal needs. Their goal is to improve your standard of living and doing business by maximizing efficiency, eliminating waste, and reducing GHG emissions that pollute our atmosphere. 
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