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Miami, FL: SnowLizard, a leader in manufacturing extreme mobile solutions, returns to Kickstarter today with a pair of limited edition SLXtreme cases for iPhone 6. The SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD case features a Micro-SD card slot for expandable memory on the iPhone 6 and the SLXtreme NAV case features an embedded GPS chip for worldwide, dedicated satellite location support. Pledges on Kickstarter begin at $160 for the SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD and $175 for the SLXtreme 6 NAV, with a wide variety of other pledging options.

The Kickstarter-exclusive SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD case solves what might be the biggest gripe with the iPhone 6 – lack of expandable storage – by providing a Micro-SD card slot. Built into the case, the slot expands the device’s memory up to 128GB, which is ideal for Photographers to Commercial Applications like Agriculture or anyone with the need for more on-device storage. When an iPhone is loaded into the SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD case, users can use the SnowLizard app, which will be available on the iTunes App Store, to manage and browse files or transfer data between the device and the Micro-SD card.

The SLXtreme 6 NAV case features a Bad ElfTM GPS & GLONASS receiver chip embedded inside the case, adding worldwide location support to an iPhone without internet connection or a monthly subscription fee. The case allows for faster, more accurate satellite positioning even when far away from cell towers, making it ideal not just for adventurers and motorcyclists, but anyone that would ever use a standalone GPS unit.

“SnowLizard started 3-years ago on Kickstarter and now we’re back with products that take protection and usability to the next level,” said CEO Steve Calle. “The added storage of the Micro-SD case makes it possible to shoot a full day of back-country skiing with your phone. The NAV module powered by Bad-Elf means GPS becomes more than just a novelty on your iPhone 6.”

In addition to offering the complete cases, SnowLizard is offering the Micro-SD and GPS modules individually for anyone who currently owns a SnowLizard SLXtreme 6 case but wants to add storage or true GPS functionality. Pre-order pledges for the Micro-SD module are $65 and $105 for the GPS module. Built on the philosophy of “Go Anywhere, Do Anything,” SnowLizard develops the world’s only case for portable smart devices that offers extended battery life, solar panel recharging capabilities, and protection against major drops and water submersion. All SnowLizard cases are waterproof and drop-proof up to 2m/6.6ft, feature a solar panel for emergency trickle charging and, feature an integrated battery for at least double the power with in-case USB charging.

The SnowLizard SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD and SLXtreme 6 NAV are available for pre-order for 30 days on Kickstarter.

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SnowLizard was founded to create mobile accessories that Power, Protect and, Enhance the usability of portable smart devices in the great outdoors. The SLXtreme is the world’s only waterproof, rugged, solar powered and battery boosting line of iPhone cases. Whether you’re a thrill seeker, adrenaline junkie, work outdoors or anyone that genuinely appreciates the great outdoors, SnowLizard’s wide range of accessories are designed specifically to protect, power and enhance consumers’ smart devices.

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