Dade Recycling Ink Toner & Cartridge Recycling Program

February 27, 2015

Miami, FL: This month, Dade Recycling brought its Ink Toner & Cartridge Recycling Program to the City of North Miami Beach and the University of Miami. The program will help the City and the University to assure that thousands of ink and toner cartridges will be recycled and kept out of the landfill, lowering their environmental footprint.


The Dade Recycling programs offer schools and charities an innovative way to raise funds for their goals while supporting e-waste awareness.


  • University of Miami will donate proceeds from the Dade Recycling program to United Way.
  • The City of North Miami Beach’s Public Work’s Solid Waste Division manages Recycling Drop Off Centers in the city.
  • The iconic Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel and nonprofit Branches Inc. have also both started the Dade Recycling program this month. and
  • Dade Recycling has over 2,000 collection partners in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.
  • Dade Recycling has kept 1,600 tons of electronic waste out of landfills in 2012
  • Dade Recycling has donated over $100,000 to schools and non-profits in 2012


About Dade Recycling
Since 2004, Dade Recycling has promoted a more environmentally conscious treatment of electronic waste. By reducing the amount of e-waste piling up in our landfills each year, they are making a positive difference in our communities and our world. Educating their partners is a cornerstone of their philosophy. For instance, contributing empty ink and toner cartridges to be “re-used” (remanufactured) instead of simply “recycled” (de-manufactured) helps to save energy, reduce air and water pollution, and conserves natural resources.

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